The Soloist

Over decades of working on airplane, I have developed an obsession for miniaturization. In general, as a design matures, the engineers are often asked to reduce the size and weight of the design while provide improved capabilities. These directives are just the natural progression of the design cycle. They provide a new set of challenges to improve the design over time. Well, the Yellowstone project was quite a challenge by itself, then the Sonoran project took the design much further in term of compactness, but can I push the boundary a little bit more while still retain all the critical functionalities?

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. Over the year, I have followed a number of bloggers who have generously laid out their lifestyles in their blogs. I have been following these bloggers for years. I am thankful for their experiences and their daily journals that allow me to acquire the inspiration for my designs. Here’s the short list of the links to their sites. This is not a complete list but they are the ones that I’ve read every single post. The list is not in any particular order of important or preference:

RV Sue and Crew

Chasing Simple Dreams

Live and Laugh RV

Interstellar Orchard

Knomad Tracks

The one characteristic among these bloggers is their minimalist lifestyle and their choices for RV as a full time residence for which I’ve found extremely fascinating.

So, I was wondering how much smaller can I make the RV and still retain the “Home Comfort”? To answer this question, I started to look at the specification from some of the smallest RVs (i.e. Casita, R-pod, Escape, Airstream Basecamp, etc.) and came up with my own general specification:

Overall Length 16’4″
Overall Height 9′
Box Length 13′
Box Width 7′
Interior Height 6’4″
Overall Width 7′
GVWR 3,500 lbs.
Axle Capacity 3,500 lbs.
Refrigerator 5.5 CF
Black/Grey Water Capacity 39 GAL Combo
Fresh Water Capacity 20 GAL.

The reasons for those specification numbers are not by accident. This time, I’ve designed the Soloist from the Curbside slide-out. When I took a look at the Sonoran project, the thing that I felt the most important achievement was the Curbside slide-out. The Curbside slide-out is a fully functional kitchen and living space combined together in a full wall slide-out configuration. So using the Curbside slide-out as the focal point, I started to build out the remainder of the RV with the minimalist lifestyle as a guide. I do have to trade off a full size bath for a 24″ x 32″ combo bath design. Additionally, I will have to reduce the size of the refrigerator to 5.5 CF to make room for the 20 GAL fresh water tank.

Just so that you have an idea of how small the Soloist is. Here’s a floor plan comparison:

Soloist Floor Plan Comparison


The Soloist will share the same Full Wall Slide-out built in the Sonoran Project

The Soloist Design Concept


The Soloist Design Concept

The Preview

So here is the preview of what the Soloist will become. Remember, up to 80% of the components have already been built in the Sonoran project so I have no doubt how quickly I can produce this version.

Soloist Curbside Cropped with Copyrights
Curbside View with single full-wall slide-out design
Soloist Floor Plan Layout1 Streetside Blog
Street Side View
Soloist Looking Backward Blog
Looking toward the rear entry door
Soloist Looking Forward Blog
Looking forward from rear entry door

So, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Soloist”

  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout!! I am honored to be included in a list which includes RV Sue and Becky Schade from Interstellar Orchard! Thank you for keeping those of us who are minimalists, and working toward minimalism in mind when you’re designing your Soloist.

    I am impressed at how you can picture these in your mind and then translate them onto a piece of paper. That is a gift I just don’t have. I do hope you get your patents on your designs.


  2. This looks so cool!! I can’t wait for the finished product and maybe someday I’d be able to build something like that – not that I’m any good at it like you obviously are 😊


    1. Bel,

      Some of us are builders. Others are adventurers. I am content to be builders so that others may enjoy my creations. I am a workaholic. I’ve been very busy for the last several months designing a motorized RV. Hopefully, I should have the first look in my blog soon. The new design is a whole new level of challenge in terms of complexity due to its utility and compactness. I wanted to create something that will be suitable to younger people like you who would venture into the road less traveled by the mass. Keep writing, I’d like to read more of your adventures. It give me inspiration to create.

      Liked by 1 person

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